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2Toms Stink Free Gear & Shoe Spray | Shoe Odour Control Spray Shoe Deodorizer (8oz Bottle)

  • Leaves no smell
  • Easy to use a spray bottle
  • Removes cause of the odor
  • Eliminates odor
  • Contains no perfume
  • To avoid sweat-induced eye contact, do not spray inside helmets, ball caps, or headgear

Out of stock


Out of stock


  • To avoid sweat-induced eye contact, do not spray inside helmets, ball caps, or headgear.[ Volume ]8 oz

    [ For Best Results ]Repeat treatment 2 to 3 times per week. Individual needs may vary.

    [ For Initial Treatment ]Spray 2 or 3 times daily until the odor is eliminated. Allow time to dry.

    • Removes Odors Caused by Sweat
    • Contains No Perfume
    • Safe to use on Canvas, Leather, Stain, and Denim Shoes

    [ The Odor Eliminator ]

    2Toms StinkFree Shoe and Gear Odor Remover is guaranteed to remove (not mask) all odors caused by sweat left in your shoes, boots, gear, gym bags, pads/guards, gloves, lockers, etc. Our advanced formula cleans the pores that trap the odor in shoes and gear.

    [ Ingredients ]

    Water, Benzalkonium Chloride, Cetrimonium Bromide, Propylene Glycol

  • Quickly remove bad odor from your running shoes, bags, and gear with the 2Toms Stink Free Shoe & Gear Spray 8 oz. This formula is effective against fighting odor caused by bacteria from sweat, and it doesn’t include any perfume to give you a neutral smell. It’s also safe to use on a wide variety of materials, including polyester, canvas, denim, and leather. Simply spray Stink Free onto your gear or shoes after use and allow time to dry.

2Toms StinkFree Shoe & Gear Spray


Eliminates Odour



  • My husband uses them on his Sketchers and Morrell walking shoes. It works great for both. Can't remember if I mentioned this before, but he says you should start it on new shoes. It's not necessarily going to fix a stinky shoe problem; it's more preventative. But, otherwise, works great! We're on our 3rd bottle.
  • you already have the list of ingredients. I use it daily. I think it does what it says it will do. I work shift work and rotate shoes - do the same for running shoes - and 2toms keeps the stink at bay
  • This is hands down one of the best foot odor products that I've ever purchased. I am a big fan of the Barefoot shoes and those can't stink to h-e-double-hockey-sticks if you use those for extended periods of time. I found that this is the only foot odor spray that I can actually spray inside my Vibrams and it will actually take the stink out almost instantly. A lot of other foot odor sprays try to mask the odor and then you have a perfumey bad foot smell emanating from your body all day long. It's so embarrassing and it actually makes you smell way worse than when you started. You can't go wrong with these especially if you tend to wear shoes without socks!
  • This stuff works. period. If you need the oder out of your shoe gone you absolutely have to get a bottle of this. I originally purchased this product for the Vibram Five Finger shoes. I had tried everything on those and nothing was working until someone recommended this. Sprayed this product in them and the smell was GONE! I use it in all of my other shoes now and it works just as well. Honestly, if you need a smell gone use this product and it will be. Love it and recommend it to everyone. Works really well with workout and athletic shoes that get really sweaty.
  • I have been searching for a product that actually works on odours and not just masks them. This does the job. I even use it on my slippers to make them last longer.

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