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BioSkin Calibrated Compression Wrap

•  A strap for your big toe to promote proper alignment and healing after bunion correction

•  Highly breathable materials help keep your skin cool and dry all day long.

•  Hypoallergenic materials mean everyone can wear BioSkin braces.

•  Comfortable to wear with any shoes.

•  Product from: USA

– Bunion Correction
– Bunion Prevention

•  NOTE: Order is for piece | One size fit all | Can be use interchangeably on either foot

Out of stock


Out of stock



BioSkin Calibrated Compression Wrap with Hallux Control Strap:

Provides an attachment point for the Weil Digit Strapping System without covering the ankle.

Made of hypo-allergenic, non-slip material to prevent migration.

Easily fits inside normal footwear.

BioSkin Hallux Control Strap:

Splinting- Maintains the hallux in a neutral position during critical soft-tissue healing after bunionectomy.

Stretching- Stretches extensor tendons after primary healing to improve ROM and allow normal gait.

Strengthening- provides resistance for patients to strengthen FHL for strong toe-off.

Note: Must be worn with any AFTR brance, or the calibrated midfoot compression wrap.


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