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Bunion Balm Day Cream

•  INSTANT PAIN RELIEF CREAM – Pain Relief without Oral Medications
•  Moisturizes bunions and removes dry and hard skin around bunions
•  Menthol COOLS the Foot, Bringing RELIEF to Aching Bunions, QUICK ABSORBING, NON-GREASY Formula.
•  ALL NATURAL Ingredients That Are Known for Their Anti-Inflammatory, Improved Circulation, Skin Healing, and Moisturizing Properties.
•  Aloe, Tea Tree Oil, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, Arnica Montana Extract



Product Details:

A Cream That Works for Bunions

Whether you are on your feet all day at work, enjoying a long daily walk, or running a marathon our Daytime Bunion Balm was created to ease the pain, allowing you think about other things rather than your feet. Bunion Balm Day Cream may bring temporary relief from minor aches and pains of sore muscles and joints, often associated with arthritis and bunions. It can be used prior to heading out for the day or as an instant calming and soothing therapy once at home and relaxing after a hard day of strain on your feet.

This highly effective Bunion Balm may help ease your pain and allow you to go through your day with increased stamina, greater mobility, and less bunion pain.

The Bunion Balm Day Cream provides pain relief for joint and muscle pain.

•  Reduces inflammation that causes the pain.
•  Increase circulation which speeds up healing.
•  Penetrates through the skin and takes effect more readily than oral anti-inflammation.
•  FDA tested formulation.
•  Suitable for any joint pain or soreness caused inflammation.
•  Can be used as an instant pain relief, or before heading out for the day.



•  Menthol 3.7%, Arnica Montana extract, Vitamin B6, Vitamin E, MSM, ilex leaf extract, tea tree oil, aloe.


Product Usage:

To use, apply onto the affected area and rub until the cream fully dissolves.

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