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Elastic Ultrathin Hallux Valgus Splint

•  The Elastic Bunion Corrector is suitable for bunion of any severity.

•  Noted: Price is for per Piece




Sizing Guide

S = Size 30 – 35

M = Size 35.5 – 39

L = Size 39.5 – 44



Using elastic pull, the elastic bunion corrector helps to straighten the big toe. It improves the alignment of the big toe and prevents the worsening of the bunion. In addition, the premium quality elastic fabric eliminates friction between the toes and provides a comfortable fit. Air holes are evenly distributed on the surface to enhance ventilation. With adjustable loops, tightness can be adjusted to the preferred level to cater to all kinds of foot.

User instruction:

To wear, place the big toe into the toe pocket, then pull the strap all the way to the heel. The tightness can be adjusted by hooking the strap onto 3 different loops on the inner side of the foot. It is recommended to be worn in the day with any footwear.


Cleaning method

Hand wash with mild soap and hang dry.


Additional information


S, M, L

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