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Foot Science Red Express Orthotics (3/4 and Full Length)


•  3/4 : Increase control and comfort in hard to fit shoes (ideal for narrow or pointed-toe shoes)

•  Full Length: For excellent biomechanical support and high-performance intensit


•  Deep heel cup for added stability.

•  Supportive arch profile to improve posture and correct foot alignment

•  Cushion under forefoot provides added stability and shock absorption during propulsion.

•  Added durability for patients over 90kg.

Recommended for low-medium arch.

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The arch profile provides support for the arch, improves the alignment of the lower limbs, and increases stability and balance. The cushioned heel cup reduces the shock of heel strike, decreases the velocity of rearfoot pronation, and decreases shoe wear on the outside side of the heel. Forefoot cushioning under the first metatarsal head reduces shock during propulsion allow plantar flexion of the first ray. This facilitates the windlass mechanism which acts to stabilize the foot during propulsion.

3/4 Length

Full Length

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Kids, XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL


3/4, Full Length

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