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Innisfree Nail Serum (6ml)

  • Provides moisture and nourishment
  • Contains Jeju green tea seed oil for soothing and moisturising effects
  • Quick absorption without stickiness
  • Maintain the balance of oil in the skin around the nails

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Out of stock


INNISFREE Nail Serum 6ml

A two-layer (water-oil) serum that provides water-oil balance and nourishes dry and cracked nails.



Shake the bottle to mix the water and oil, and apply along the cuticle line



  • The nail serum provides balance between oil and moisture levels for area around the fingernail with two layers of water and oil.
  • The Jeju green tea seed oil gives powerful soothing and moisturising effects to restore health in dry and split nails.
  • The water layer helps the serum become quickly absorbed into the area around the fingernail without giving stickiness
  • Soothing moisturising effect of Jeju green tea seed oil ingredients Jeju Green Tea Seaweed oil ingredients are soothing and moisturizing effect, Quickly absorbed without tackiness and fresh feeling Quickly absorbed around nails without stickiness
  • Use a nail serum to moisturise the skin around your fingernails. Before using TIP, shake it well so that the water layer and the oil layer can mix, then apply the appropriate amount to the cuticle line and absorb it

    Tips: For better result, Use the Innisfree Nail Serum with Innisfree Nail Strengthener.

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