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Innisfree Perfect Fresh Foot Cream

•  This non-greasy foot cream nourishes your rough feet due to calluses and dead skin cells. 

•  It absorbs well into your skin, leaving your feet feeling sleek and soft.

•  Product from Korea

Out of stock


Out of stock


What it is
Fresh lemon mint fragrance brings life to your tired feet! The cream containing lemon balm and mint ingredients relieves stress from the skin of your feet. Creamy formulation enables fast and gentle absorption into the coarse skin of feet.


What else you need to know
Feel more confidence about your feet! If your feet have any problems such as foot odor, dead skin cells, and dryness, which make you reluctant to wear sandals, this versatile foot care product will bring you enough confidence to show off your splendid feet!


How to use
Apply an appropriate amount onto rough and dry feet. Smooth over and massage feet allowing it to absorb into skin. For better results, put on cotton socks or wrap feet in plastic wrap after applying cream.


•  Immediately stop using in case of skin abnormalities after use.
•  Always recap after use.
•  Use as quickly as possible after opening.
•  Immediate rinse with water if it gets into your eyes.





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