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Jorzilano Bunion Sleeve

| No Surgery Needed | Result Proven in 3-6 Months |

Product Features

– Thin and smooth fabric material

– Comfortable to wear underneath socks and in shoes

– Wear daily to see results in 3 – 6 months


Manufacturer :



Notes: One size fit all | Order is for per piece

Out of stock


Out of stock


How to use?

– 3 times in a week

– Start off with 2 – 3 hours. Can be worn in the day or at night.

– If you feel no discomfort, continue wearing up to 8 hours a day.

* It’s normal to feel some numbness during the first few days of wear. Don’t force yourself to wear it when you feel discomfort.


How do I maintain it?

  1. Hang wash with light soap and water
  2. Hang it to dry
  3. Do not wring dry


Product Detail:

Protects and Supports Toe, Comfortable bunion splint protects and supports the big toe. Gently realigns the toe to slow the formation and progression of bunions, while providing pain-relieving support. Alleviates Bunion Pain, Eases discomfort and pain caused by bunions, Hallux Valgus and crooked toes. The breathable splint also reduces pressure and inflammation for complete bunion pain relief.

Lightweight and Breathable, Constructed with a breathable terry cloth material, the bunion splint is lightweight and comfortable corrective brace can be worn overnight. Flexible Sizing,Fully adjustable, the bunion splint comfortably fits most individuals without slipping or bunching. An external strap is easily adjusted and secured through the square latch to provide a perfect nonslip fit.

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