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MISSHA Wonder Foot Peeling Mask (1pair)

•  Special peeling care for dead skin cells in foot.

•  All-in-one peeling gel mask intensively care calluses and cracks on the feet only 30min using.

•  Contains of lemon and apple extracts keep foot moist and feel soft.

•  Brand : MISSHA

•  All Skin Type

•  Volume : 50ml

•  Made in Korea

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Out of stock


Product Details

[How to use]
1. After washing the foot clean, cut the sheet and wear on each foot.
2. Remove the stciker attached to the footsheet, turn it around the ankle and fix it with the adhesive surface.
3. After 30 minutes, take off the foot sheet and wash it with lukewarm water.
4. 4 to 6 days after use, the skin cell starts peeling naturally.

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