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Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap

  • For smooth, clean feet
  • Removes ingrained dirt and dead skin
  • Contains kiwifuit seeds and crushed walnut
  • Gives immediate comfort to hot tired feet
  • Unique new exfoliating footcare soap
  • Recommended to use during shower.
  • Product from New Zealand



Product Details:

The Neat Feat Foot Scrub Soap is an exfoliating soap that removes ingrained dirt and dead skin.

  • Contains kiwifruit seeds and walnut crush which makes for an invigorating scrub.
  • Take special care of your feet when you use Neat Feat Kiwifruit and Walnut Foot Scrub Soap.
  • This is an ideal product to use for everyday foot care.
  • The 5.2 oz foot soap has natural ingredients formulated to gently cleanse.
  • This foot care soap features natural ingredients and has reconstituted genuine pumice to power out those tough stains.
  • It incorporates the invigorating components of kiwifruit seeds and walnut shells to help remove dead skin and ingrained dirt particles from the sole of the foot.
  • It is an essential soap for the family to use.
  • Hard-working feet deserve a break, and this soap has what you need for proven effective treatment.
  • Enjoy the cleaning power that Neat Feat soap provides.


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