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Petitfee Dry Essence Foot Pack

•  Helps to soften the dry, rough feet and toenails

•  Reduce the cracking and roughness of the skin

•  Contain 5 natural plant extracts

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Out of stock


Petitfée – “tiny fairy” in French – is a brand that aspires to bring you the “clear,” “clean,” and “pure” qualities of a tiny fairy to your skin. Deriving its formulas from clear spring water, Petitfée aims to transform your skin to be as clear, soft and pure as a fairy’s. The Petitfée Dry Essence Foot Pack contains a dry processed essence built right into the non-woven fabric, so there’s no messy liquid to deal with! Your body temperature will naturally melt the essence and allow it to absorb into your skin for smooth, moisturized feet.

Petitfée Dry Essence Foot Pack formula includes aloe extract that helps to soften the dry, rough feet and toenails. Urea, Shea Butter, 5 natural plant extracts, snail excretion filtrate, hyaluronate, collagen all work together to reduce the cracking and roughness of the skin and leave your feet feeling moisturized, pampered and smoother than before!



Wash thoroughly and dry feet. Cover each foot with the dry sock and sit and enjoy.  Your body temperature will melt the essence. After 15-20 minutes, remove. Increase or decrease wear time according to the condition of your feet.



1. Do not apply on areas with scars, eczema, or dermatitis.

2. Stop using if any red spots, swelling, itchiness, or skin irritation develops after use.

3. Do not get into eyes. In case the products get into eyes, rinse out with water.

4. Use as directed only.

5. Keep out of reach of children.

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