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Ultrathin Arch Supporter | Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain | Reduce Swelling | Quick and Lasting | Comfort and Pain Relief



**Kindly note that: :Customers who bought a single pc of Ultrathin Arch Supporter will get it packed in a zip-lock bag. **

[ Product Description ]

Introducing the Ultrathin Arch Supporter for quick and lasting relief. Engineered and manufactured in Japan, this innovative product delivers immediate comfort and effective pain relief for conditions like plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and general arch, heel, and foot pains. Designed to support both longitudinal and transverse arches, it alleviates pressure and ensures even weight distribution throughout the day. Crafted from a breathable, skin-friendly material that is just 0.5mm thick, it offers a lightweight, non-slip fit that remains comfortable in any footwear. Recommended by podiatrists, the Ultrathin Arch Supporter provides unparalleled comfort and reliable support for enduring relief, making it an essential companion for daily activities.

[ Product Features ]

Supports the longitudinal and transverse arches

– Relieves pressure on the bottom of the foot and compensates for uneven weight bearing

Adjusts toe alignment

– Promoting a natural downward grip that exercises the toe muscles and supports the arch

Provides natural toe separation

– Increases ground contact, stabilizes, and balances the sole of the foot

Special material

– Only 0.5mm thick, excellent breathability, skin-friendly, and soft.

– Non-slip design, lightweight, and comfortable

– Can be worn with your favorite shoes and remain effective all day

– Reduces foot strain and discomfort

– Absorbs shock from the ground

– Provides propulsion

– Maintains balance

– Exercises the toe muscles

– Adjusts the toes to naturally point downward

– Opens the space between the toes

– Increases toe grounding area

– Improves arch support strength

– Stabilizes body balance

– No foreign body sensation, no pain

– Comfortable to wear for a long time

– Easy to clean, easy to wear

– Special material does not easily deform

– Wear at home while exercising your arches

[ Product Usage ]

1. Start off with 1-2 hours per day. Can be worn in either in the day or at night.

2. After 2-3 days, if you do not feel any discomfort, continue wearing up to 8 hours a day.

3. Ensure that you feel no discomfort weaing more than 8 hours before using it for overnight use.

4. For hygine purpose, please wash after use, with soap and water and hang dry.

5. For best results, get at least 2 pairs (4 pieces) so that you can use them at alternate days.

[ How to wear? ]

1. Please ensure you differentiate between the left and right sides, as the toe holes are different sizes.

2.Insert your toes through the toe holes and position the product over the soles of your feet.

3.Slide the sleeve over the ball of your foot and stretch the rest of the product over your heel.

4.If there are any wrinkles, please adjust them gently.

Additional information


S, M, L, S, M, L, Left, Right


Left, Left, Left, Right, Right, Right, S, M, L

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