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Shoes For Bunions SG

Our selection of products are handpicked and tried-and-tested to guarantee relief and improvement.

What causes bunions?

Bunions are painful sores that attack the base or the first joint of your big toe. They can be caused by a variety of sources including genetics, wearing tight or narrow shoes and even arthritis.

The good news is that there are a lot of recommended shoes for bunions on the market that help prevent bunions or make them less painful. The key is to have a wide toe box, made with soft, flexible construction materials.

Choosing the right shoes for bunions

One of the best places to get the bunion shoe from in SG is FeetCare. FeetCare not only provides its customers with bunion shoes and slippers but also sells other items like padding cushions and creams to help people who’re suffering from this condition.

What features should your bunion shoe have?

• Judge the shoe size after trying it on, rather than just believing what the size tag says. The fit varies from company to company, and you want a well-fitting shoe that doesn’t press against your bunion.
• Try to buy shoes made from a more stretchy material so that the shoe can extend to your bunion without causing you any harm or irritation.
• The ball pocket of the shoe should fit the ball of your foot perfectly. This will ensure that the shoe is not very tight.
• Stay away from shoes that might have a heel higher than 2 inches.

Our shoes for bunions in SG provide cushioning shock absorption and protection from friction and pressure. FeetCare highly recommends you have a phone consultation with our specialist before placing the orders.