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Getting your Flat Feet treated in Singapore

Did you know that if you do have flat feet, you probably overpronation on your feet.

It’s crucial to correct pronation to avoid other footer conditions.
Here’s where we can help.

Flat foot also known as fallen arches. People with flat feet have either no arch or have a very low arch.

When a person stands, the arches raise off the ground slightly. The purpose of the arches is to a spring to the step and help to distribute body weight across the feet and legs.

People with flat feet may roll to the inner side when they are standing or walking. This is called overpronation. And, the overpronation of your feet cause problems in your ankle and knee because of it alters the alignment of your feet.

Common causes of flat feet include:

☑ Genetic factors (flat feet can pass from parents to children in the genes)

☑ Obesity

☑ Injury to your foot or ankle

☑ Aging

☑ Diabetes

☑ Damage of the posterior tibial tendon

The most common symptom of flat feet is pain in the feet. This can occur as a result of strained muscles and connecting ligaments.

Pain most commonly affects the following parts of the body:

Arch of the foot




Lower back

Lower Legs

One or both feet may also feel stiff


Flat feet can also cause an uneven distribution of body weight. This may result in shoes wearing down unevenly or more quickly than usual, especially on one side, which can lead to further injuries.

Thank you for recommending the insoles. Ever since we started using them, we cannot do without them
Customer recovering from Flat Feet
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If flat feet are causing pain, then supportive, well-fitted shoes can help. Extra-wide-fitting shoes can provide relief.

Fitted insoles and orthotics or custom-designed arch supports may relieve pressure on the arch and reduce pain if the feet roll too far inward. However, these products only treat the symptoms and do not provide long-lasting benefits.

People with posterior tibial tendonitis might also benefit from inserting a wedge into their footwear along the inside edge of the orthotic. This should relieve some of the load that the body places on the tendon tissue.

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Not sure wht you need

Speak to our FeetCare specialists
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or simply contact us to book

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