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Getting Your Bunions Treated

Did you know that if you often wear tight, narrow shoes, or high heels, you have a higher risk of getting bunions?

Bunions usually develop when the big toe is pushed out of place by an external force. After several years of pressure, the big toe is bent towards the other toes, creating a protrusion on your joint that can inflict a lot of pain. Early-stage bunions may not hurt much initially, but bunions on your feet can lead to difficulties walking and buying shoes as they form and develop.

Different walking patterns may cause greater loads on your feet. Wearing ill-fitting shoes usually causes you to develop poor walking habits, and poor walking habits usually cause bunions. That’s why a bunion shoe is essential for those who suffer from the bunion, as a bunion 

shoe has more room on the front shoe part, which prevents an external force for the big toe joint.

FeetCare is the most experienced specialist who treats bunions using certified bunion products instead of surgery in Singapore. If you’re looking for relief from the bunion pain. Here’s where we can help.

Feet Care specialist for bunions in Singapore
A bunion happens when the joint that connects your big toe to the rest of your foot moves out of place. Your big toe will start bending towards the other toes, and the joint becomes red, swollen and painful.

There are a few possible causes for bunions.

•  Wearing tight, narrow shoes can cause bunions.

•  If you already have a bunion, wearing such footwear can make it worse.

•  If your foot tends to lean inward a lot, this can also cause bunions, due to increased pressure on the inside of your big toe.

•  They can also develop due to:

○  The shape of your foot.

○  A deformity.

○  A medical condition, like arthritis.

Smaller bunions can also happen on your little toe, and these are called bunionettes.

If you think you may have a bunion, look out for the following:

•  A big bump on the base of your big toe, usually on the outer side.

•  Swelling, redness or soreness around your big toe joint.

•  Corns or calluses from your first and second toes rubbing together.

•  Constant pain, or pain that comes and goes.

•  Difficulty moving your big toe.

Bunions also have several stages, depending on the severity of
the displacement.

bunion stages


 After 3 weeks, I am able to wear it for long hours without any soreness. The bunion night cream
worked very well. 

Chew P.K

Customer recovering from Bunions

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Non-surgical, conservative methods make use of products that help treat bunions, such as splints and bunion correctors.

You should see improvements within 4 to 6 months of regular use. You should also exercise while using these products, since it keeps your ligaments and muscles flexible for adjustments.

Bunion surgery is the only method that can completely remove the bunion and straighten your toe. It can take up to 9 months for you to recover and regain your mobility.

There’s also no guarantee that you won’t get another bunion on your foot in the future.
Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, they can.

FeetCare is using certified bunion products which use external force to gradually strengthen your big toe.

Expect At least 3 – 6 months before seeing results.

Patience is a virtue! Your patience and persistence are the keys to achieving maximum results.

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We have 2 shops in Singapore and we welcome you. We conduct a 30 minute consultation where we analyse your foot health and bunion condition.After you decide whether or not this is the treatment for you.

Free consultation. The treatment price starts at $45.00 and depends on your needs. 

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Not sure wht you need

Speak to our FeetCare specialists
today for a free foot assessment.

or simply contact us to book

+65 6542 0254

Have a bunion?
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Most of our bunion correctors are recommended by podiatrists. Different bunion correctors have other functions to align your big toes. The most popular bunion corrector is Ultrathin Bunion Booties, as most of our customers see results from this product.

Our bunion correctors provide cushioning shock absorption and protection from friction and pressure. FeetCare highly recommends you have a phone consultation with our specialist before placing the orders.