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Common foot problems we've helped relieve

Use these pictures to identify your foot condition and we’ll do our best to help you.

Do you notice a red, swollen and painful bump on the outer side of your big toe?

Feet Care specialist for bunions in Singapore

You may have


Does the entire bottom of your foot touch the floor when you stand, and you feel pain near your heels?

You may have

Flat Foot

Do you often feel pain in your heels,
or on the bottom of your foot when
you stand or walk?

You may have

Heel Pain

Do you notice the arch of your foot is higher than normal, and you feel pain when standing or walking?

You may have

High Arches

Do you feel stiffness and pain along the back of your heel, or pain that worsens with physical activities?

You may have

Pain around the heel

Do you notice that your legs aren’t the same length, and you have difficulty walking properly?

You may have

Leg Length Discrepancy

Does your knee make a noise? Do you feel difficulty climbing stairs or getting up from a chair?

You may have

Knee Pain

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