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Heel pains aren’t necessarily a sign of any serious underlying condition, but it can interfere with some of your normal activities, especially exercise.

Maybe you already have them, and are looking for relief from
the pain that they can cause. Here’s where we can help.

What causes heel pains?

Heel pains aren’t usually caused by an isolated instance of injury,

such as twisting your ankle, falling, or stepping on a Lego brick.

Rather, they usually result from repetitive stress and pressure on the heel.

How we can help

In FeetCare, we don’t provide any medical treatment.

However, you need support on choosing the right shoes and insoles, we are here to help you!

Common foot conditions that
can cause heel pain

Do you notice a red, swollen and painful bump on the outer side of your big toe?

You may have

Plantar Fasciitis

Does the entire bottom of your foot touch the floor when you stand, and
you feel pain near your heels?

You may have

Heel Spur

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