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10 Common Foot Problems of People Over 40- Part 2


Hammertoes are a type of deformity on the toes in which one toe is crossed or bent on the toe joint. With time, the condition may become worse and require surgery to fix it. However, surgery should be the last option when other treatments do not work. You should consider simple exercises with your toes, such as stretching and wearing special shoes designed for people with this condition.   

Ingrown toenails

When the toenail grows on the nail groove, the condition is referred to as ingrown nails. These are nails that grow in the wrong place. However, the main causes are wearing the wrong shoe sizes that put extra pressure on your toes. Also, it can be caused when your toenails are not well kept, such as cutting them when they grow. Most importantly, the symptoms of this foot condition are swelling redness of the affected area and pain. To treat this condition, cut the toenails to small sizes, wear fitting shoes, and keep your feet clean and dry.      

Plantar fasciitis

The condition affects the bottom of the foot. Hence, the area becomes inflamed and causes heel pain. The causes include being overweight and involvement in certain activities such as running. Nevertheless, the treatment includes physical therapy, stretching the foot, and inflammatory drugs.      

Heel spur

 Heel spur affects heel whereby one experiences pain, inflammation, and a bony protrusion. Ensure you get a diagnosis from a doctor so that you can know the cause of this condition. The remedies include cold treatments, therapy, medications, and possible surgery.       

Toenail fungal infection

Toenails are the most affected parts with fungal infections. The symptoms include yellow spots, scales, and flaking of the skin. Fungal infections are caused when there is a moist environment, exposure to fungus, and diabetes. To treat, you will need to take antifungal medications.   If you are above 40 years, you should be aware of the possible foot problems that can affect you. Make sure that you wear the right shoe fitting, keep your feet dry and clean. If you experience any of the above foot problems and symptoms, you should seek treatment immediately. 

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