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3 Common Foot Pain in Children and how to fix it

During the growing phase of the children, they may feel a lot of pain. But here, let’s talk about foot pains. The kids are in constant change and development, fastly. Then they can adapt quickly to these changes. It is because of it that you have to pay attention to the kids. They stimulate development correctly during growth.

Developing the feet

The feet of the children grow so fast. In a girl, the feet grow until 12 and the boys 15. The girls’ feet grow about 2mm per month, and the boys grow 1mm per month. When you think about the children’s shoes, you have to prioritize that right foot for growth. Some studies show that about 50% of children use the wrong shoe, which can cause a lot of pain and problems. Stay alert about it. Below you will see the three more common issues that the kids suffer during growth.

1. Flat foot

One aspect to be considered in the children’s growth is the development of the foot’s arch. We know that the baby was born flatfoot, but this might start to change when the kid is on the 4th anniversary. This is so important because the arch gives the structure for the feet and helps to walk, jump, and the impact dampening. During childhood, the arch develops to provide us with protection when we arrive in adult life. Commonly, we see that this arch doesn’t grow in some children. When you know the child’s foot, you realize it doesn’t have the “arch” in the internal part of the foot. During the 4 and 6 years, the feet have to develop the arch. After he develops, it’s slower. They stop forming the foot arch about 12 years old. After that, it doesn’t grow anymore.     

  • How can I identify?

You can observe the internal part of the foot while your kid stands up. Check the foot arch. If your kid has flat feet, his feet touch the ground entirely, and there’s no arch on their foot. Reappear when the kid is resting, sitting, or on tiptoe. Sometimes you can observe some signs on the way. Also, they can feel pain, cramps in the bottom of the foot, in the calf, or the other part of the foot. 

  • Risks of the flat foot 

It is essential to know about the type of foot of your kid. If they don’t develop the arch on foot they can have problems in adult life. Some of the pain can come from this problem: pain on the knee, bunion, wear, and tire of the shoes. 

  • How is the treatment

Once you have identified the problem, you can start the treatment and think about some intervention. One of the most efficient and straightforward methods is wearing a pair of Orthopedic Insole. It has a holder for the arch, and if the child uses it often, it will help form the foot arch. The ideal is to use the insole from 4 years old or at any moment until 12 years old. After the age of 12, it’s hard to change the foot arch. 

2. Tip Toe

In the first year of the development of the children, it is quite common that they start a walk on tiptoe. It is a standard reflection, but it has to stop after five years. If this doesn’t stop walking on tiptoe, your kid might probably have a delay in motor development or any tendon and muscle shortening of the calf.

  • How is the treatment

This problem can be solved by physiotherapy or exercises. During the sessions, the physiotherapist creates some stimulus to their necessity. Wearing a pair of insoles is vital for a kid’s foot development as well. 

3. Growing Pains

Growing pain on the feet is common in children between 8 – 12 years old. A child’s growing pain causes sharp pain in the children’s heels as the bones aren’t formed and consolidated until kids reach 14 years old. Intense childhood activities such as jumping, running, and playing sports caused growing pain as that exercise wears your child’s muscles out. 

  • How is the treatment 

If the child feels pain on the heels, you might make an appointment with the Orthopedist. If it is a severe disease you have to decrease the activities, if it is necessary rest and take an anti-inflammatory. Besides, it indicates the use of the Orthopedic insole. The insole will redistribute the pressure below the foot. 

The feet are responsible for carrying all the body weight, and if the body weight is distributed unbalanced, they might have problems. Using the Orthopedic insole helps to solve the unbalanced body weight on your foot, and your kids feel more comfortable while they’re doing sports. A suitable pair of insoles helps in the alignment and redistribution of the weight pressure on your feet.

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