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Guide to Getting Custom Insoles in Singapore 2024


When it comes to preventing or treating foot pain caused by a lack of support, Custom Orthotics Insoles, or simply Custom Insoles are one of the best solutions available in Singapore today.  If you’re suffering from foot pain, you may be interested in getting custom orthotic insoles. Let us help you learn more about the […]

Benefits of Custom Insoles for Cyclist and Sports enthusiasts

custom insoles for sports enthusiasts

Do you need custom insoles for running shoes, cycling or doing sports? This is a question we hear often. In Singapore, insoles may not be the top priority when shopping for footwear. And if you are the few that do, the selection in the market can be overwhelming. There are literally hundreds of options out […]

Want Healthy Feet? Keep A Healthy Weight To Stay Fit

Hand cradling a painful heel of a foot.

Being obese is a problem that can further lead to numerous ailments such as arthritis, flat foot and plantar fasciitis. Since your feet have to carry the body weight, excess of it can cause foot pain. It will additionally restrict your daily movement and activity. Moreover, Flat foot is normal in infants. Healthy feet can […]

Do Flat Feet Affect Your Overall Health

Hand cradling a painful heel of a foot.

Feet serve as the basement for your whole body’s weight. However, feet with any deviation, such as improper arches, can primarily affect physical activities. What is a flat foot? A foot having no minimal arch with a flattened structure is called a flat foot or fallen arch. It results in causing your whole foot’s sole […]

Does Obesity Play A Factor In Your Foot Pain?

Hand cradling a painful heel of a foot.

Obesity is all about gaining extra weight due to the excessive accumulation of fat. It not only risks your health but also causes foot pain and problems. Since 1975, obesity has tripled worldwide, with numbers expected to increase, said the World Health Organization (WHO). As your feet have to bear the overweight, they get over […]

Bunion in Singapore

Hallux valgus, commonly called Bunions, is a natural deformity that hurts a lot.

Why Singaporeans Are More At Risk From Flat Foot

Hand cradling a painful heel of a foot.

Flat foot is a condition where generally the feet of a person are not strong enough to handle the body weight. One of the main sources of this weakness comes from the bones which may be fused together. There is also another version of this problem where the bones of the feet are spread apart. […]

How Can Insoles Help Relieve Diabetic Symptoms?

Hand cradling a painful heel of a foot.

Diabetes is a disease that causes damage to many body parts. In some cases, it is even able to leave a body part paralyzed. After some time, you can easily find the condition becomes chronic. One of the reasons why diabetic people are prone to foot pain comes from nerve issues. Why are diabetic people […]