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Are you worried your bunions might grow bigger and worsen over time? Or you might not be able to find shoes that fit? Or are your bunions causing discomfort?

Use our assessment tool below to understand your bunion severity and get the right products specific for your condition. The result – you can lead normal lives and don’t have to worry about your bunions anymore.

We carry the widest range of bunion products, including bunion correctors, shoes, socks, separators, creams, stretchers and more. Our products have over 2000+ positive reviews proven to help relieve bunion issues, and it has no known side-effects at all.

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What is a bunion?

A bunion happens when the joint that connects your big toe to the rest of your foot moves out of its alignment. Your big toe will start bending towards the second toe, and the joint becomes red, swollen, and painful.

Bunion is a progressive condition and if left untreated, will get worse over the course of time.

What are the causes?

Bunion is treatable and knowing the causes will make treating your bunion easier.

Below are some of the common causes of bunion:

• ill-Fitting Shoes: Footwear such as high heels and narrow shoes may put pressure on the big toe joint, causing it to push towards the second toe.

• Pronation Feet: Due to uneven pressure distribution under the feet, walking and/or running will put extra pressure on the big toe causing the big toe to go out of its alignment over time.

• Hereditary: Foot types can be passed down through genetics, and some foot types more prone to bunions than others. If your family have history of foot types that are more prone to bunions, you might be at risk too.

Step 1 : Find out what’s your bunion stage

Hover over each image for more information regarding each stage.

Mild Stage

Big Toe Angulation: < 15 °
A small bump appears on the joint of the big toe

At this stage, the bump can be hard to notice.

Moderate Stage

Big Toe Angulation: 15 ° to 25 °
The bump begins to be noticeable and move inwards towards the other toes.

At this stage, the skin around the bump will appears redden


Big Toe Angulation: 25 ° and above
The big toe comes in contact and/or overlap with the second toe. The bump around the joint are now easily visibile.

At this stage, the big toe joint may cause swelling and/or pain. You may begin facing more difficulties finding well-fitted shoes.

Our recommended products are most effective for bunion conditions in the mild or moderate stages. 

Step 2: Select what is the result you want

Each bunion is unique and see our list of products below designed to match your individual needs.

Bunion Maintenance

Prevents bunions from worsening to the next stage
$ 12

Recommended Products
  • Bunion Accessories Bundle
  • Toe Spreader with Toe Sleeve
  • Gel 5 Toe Spreader
  • OS1st Bunion Relief Socks

Bunion Correction

Reduces the size of bunions over time
$ 48

Recommended Products
  • Ultrathin Bunion Corrector
  • Bunion Night Straightener
  • Complete Bunion Bundle
  • Advanced Bunion Bundle

Bunion Pain Relief

Relieves any discomfort that bunion causes
$ 12

Recommended Products
  • OS1st Bunion Relief Socks
  • Gel 5 Toe Spreader
  • Gel Bunion Cushion

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