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Do Bunion Correctors Work?

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Do you know someone or have someone in your family who has their biggest toe developed sideways instead of being straight. Instead of making fun of them or completely ignoring them, you should be aware of what it is all about. A bunion is a condition that is formed when the base joint of the big toe develops sideways instead of developing in a straight line like how normal people have it. It is a serious condition as the big toe carries all the weight, and that leads to severe and constant pain.

What is Bunion

Bunion, which has a scientific term as Hallux Valgus, is a genetic disease that pushes the bones of the big toe towards the other small toes when it develops sideways. It is a bony bump that is placed on the joint of your big toe, and when the weight is pushed forward towards the smaller toes, it causes the toe to stick out.

What are the causes of Bunion

While there are many theories on the causes of Bunion, the most authentic research states that it has a genetic link, and it could be caused because of how the structure or anatomy of the foot was inherited through the family. Other than the genetic inheritance, it could also be caused by wearing high or pencil heels that force your toes out, wearing shoes that don’t fit properly and are too tight or too narrow, and also have this condition called “Rheumatoid Arthritis” which is an inflammatory disease making you more prone to developing bunions at some stage of your life.

Treatments of Bunion

Whenever you start developing Bunions, the best option is to start your treatment at home first. Using the treatments at home minimizes the symptoms and harsh effects on Bunion and also prevents them from getting worse. Some basic treatments for Bunion include changing your shoes and wearing something that has space and is comfortable. Similarly, you could invest in soft padding or cushions and place your foot on it, so it helps with relieving pain. Having medication and icing is also one of the most common options you could make a part of your treatment routine. If the inflammation or the pain becomes unbearable at times, then applying ice on the inflamed or sore feet would help. Taking medication such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol will help you reduce and control the pain of the Bunion.

What are Bunion Correctors

A bunion corrector is another reliable option for pain relief when one is suffering from bunions. Bunion corrector is a gadget that is available in pharmacies on the recommendation of doctors that helps you bring back the big toe to its normal position. Bunion correctors help reduce the symptoms of Bunion and provide relief to the foot.

How do Bunion Correctors work

Bunion correctors help deal with the pain and symptoms after the development of bunions, but they do not address why the Bunion happened in the first place. They help keep the joint loose and try to bring back the toe to its former position. If you have a bunion corrector on, it might appear that a change is happening and the condition is improving, but once the bunion corrector comes off, the big toe goes back to its former position. This is why you should keep in mind that a bunion corrector can only be temporarily helping in getting rid of the pain, but it does not help with the original issue that caused the Bunion in the first place.

Advantages of using Bunion Correctors

Using a bunion corrector helps with providing temporary relief to the big toe joint and prevents stiffness from the foot. They provide support to the toe and try to bring it back into shape by giving it something to hold on to. Bunion correctors also help decrease the bunion deformity gradually and make it less painful for you to walk when wearing shoes. They encourage an effective balance on the big toe and provide relief to the 4 other toes when the weight of the big toe is removed from them. They include products like toe spacers, pads, cushions, and splinters, all of which aim to provide some comfort to the Bunion.

Alternative treatments for Bunion

If the home treatments or Bunion correctors do not work for you and you’re looking for a long-lasting and permanent solution, then you might need surgery, especially if the Bunion is causing you a lot of pain and is interrupting and disturbing your daily life activities.

Surgical Procedures

While surgery is not recommended to everyone for cosmetic reasons, it might be the only option left when you have tried out all the remedies, and nothing works for you. There are multiple surgical options for bunions that differ from doctor to doctor or depend on the condition of the patient as well.


In an osteotomy procedure, your big toe joint is cut, and then it is re-aligned and re-positioned so that it can return to its normal position.


Exostectomy is the most performed surgery when it comes to bunion cases, and it also includes the removal of the soft tissues. Usually, an Exostectomy procedure is performed with the Osteotomy one because if Exostectomy is performed alone, there are chances of the Bunion coming back. In Exostectomy, the doctor removes the bunion bump from the toe joint to prevent the Bunion from growing.


In an Arthrodesis medical procedure, the arthritic joint surfaces are removed by the doctor. Then some wires and plates are inserted inside, which hold together everything until the bone heals back on its own. This option is recommended for patients who have a severe case of bunions or for those who formerly had unsuccessful bunion surgery.

Bunion surgery in itself is not painful, but the pain differs from patient to patient. Some people experience discomfort for the first few days, but if you follow the doctor’s instructions and take preventive measures, including your medication, then your toe will be back to normal before you know it.

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