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Does Obesity Play A Factor In Your Foot Pain?

Obesity is all about gaining extra weight due to the excessive accumulation of fat. It not only risks your health but also causes foot pain and problems. Since 1975, obesity has tripled worldwide, with numbers expected to increase, said the World Health Organization (WHO). As your feet have to bear the overweight, they get over pressured. Hence, it results in causing arthritis, heel pain, plantar fasciitis. Many studies suggest that obesity is highly linked to low-arched foot posture, pronated dynamic foot function, and elevated plantar pressures during walking.

The American College of Foot and Ankles study said, even one additional pound other than your ideal BMI can put an increased pressure of eight pounds on your feet and ankles. From this, you can better understand to which extent overweight can affect your overall health.

How obesity affects mobility while causing foot pain?

Obesity mainly affects mobility. Obese individuals find difficulty in moving actively. It puts immense pressure on their feet if someone does, causing several structural problems and internal damage. According to research, people with higher Body Mass Index (BMI) have high rates of chronic foot pain when compared to others. Since the soft tissues, tendons, ligaments, and muscles of your foot have a weight-bearing limit. When you overstress them, these tissues may get damaged, causing you foot pain.

Luckily, obesity is what you can control in different ways. It may feel tough to stay on a diet, avoiding junk food, fats, oils, and sugary components. But strict dieting and workouts can help you lose weight to minimize the stress on your feet.

Obesity Causing Painful Foot Problems

Obesity is one of the prevailing problems all around the globe. The excessive weight stretches out the connective tissues, stressing foot muscles. Thus, it can cause severe foot pain with numerous medical issues while degrading the charm of life.

  • Foot Fractures

People with obesity have more possibilities of getting foot pain and fractures. Such bone cracks were usually common among sports players before. However, obese individuals are now at risk as they are experiencing it more frequently from heel to toes, almost anywhere on their feet. When you put high stress on your foot, its internal bones might not withstand the impact and get fractured. It further causes severe pain or swelling that also takes a long to heal due to poor circulation among obese.

The more your body weight, the more intense the impact on your feet could be. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain a healthy weight to limit the risk of your bones getting fractured.

  • Flat foot

Even though flat foot develops genetically due to an injury, it is also commonly found in obese individuals. Several types of research have shown that flattened foot is more common in obese people than healthy ones. It is because their feet gradually become flat because of bearing overstress for longer. Therefore, they need to wear specialized footwear to prevent pain and further complications.

Wearing unsuitable slippers or shoes can also worsen the condition. Therefore, it is always necessary to consult a podiatrist before opting for it.

  • Plantar Fasciitis

Being overweight is the primary cause of plantar fasciitis, a prevalent foot problem with heel pain. The plantar fascia is a critical ligament that connects your heel and toe. Whenever it gets overstretched due to excessive weight, it hurts. It results in causing severe pain, swelling, inflammation, and distress. If you do not treat plantar fasciitis on time, it can further lead to heel spurs that are painful enough.

  • Heel Pain

Being overweight causes your foot to bear much more stress and pressure. Therefore, it results in inducing heel pain. It additionally disturbs the shape and structure of your feet. Subsequently, it limits down your activity, reducing your focus on exercise. Eventually, it makes you gain more weight than further causes severe foot problems.

Weight loss for feet pain

Losing weight not only sheds off your body fat but can also significantly reduce the impact of excess weight on your feet. It improves the foot structure and shape, limiting the size of your feet. This way, it prevents your foot tissues from further damage. Consequently, weight loss alleviates your foot pain and enhances your quality of life.

If you experience any foot pain, swelling, or poor blood circulation while being obese, try losing some weight. It will dramatically help relieve the pain and discomfort.

How Can Feetcare Help You?

Feetcare professionally assists you in relieving your foot pain. It additionally resolves your foot problems like flat foot, heel pain, plantar fasciitis and bunions, caused by the overweight. With high-quality care, our trained staff ensure to deliver the personal experience to each patient.

In case you are suffering from foot problems due to obesity, you must visit a specialist. You can schedule either an online or physical one-to-one consultation to discuss the situation for proper treatment.

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