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Effective Ways to Get Rid of Painful Heel Spurs- Incredible Natural Ways

One of the leading causes of painful heels is heel spurs. Affecting both men and women, it is caused by calcium clot near the base of the heel bone, causing discomfort when walking, running, or standing for prolonged hours.

This can result in damaging the tissues. In protecting the damage cells, the heel produces “osteoblasts” which deposits calcium in the damaged areas. This calcium deposits lead to the development of heel spurs.

Risk Factors of Heel Spurs Include:

• Step abnormalities when walking, which puts pressure on your heel bone, nerves, and ligaments, near the heel. (E.g. when wearing high heels or exhausted after a very long walk)

• Running or jogging mainly on hard surfaces

• Poorly fitted and badly worn shoes

• Obesity or excess body weight

4 ways to get rid of Heel Spurs

Heel Spurs can make it hard to go on with your daily life, and immediate attention is thus obligatory to avoid serious problems. Here are four ways to get rid of Heel Spurs

Do Physiotherapy And Exercise For Heel Spurs

Physiotherapy treatment is essential in finding relief from heel spurs. Nonetheless, it is crucial that you get treated by a medical specialist with experience and the proper education to avoid aggravating the problem even further.

The specialist will advise you on how to take care of yourself and which exercises to do at home. These workout routines will help reduce pain and train your muscles to adapt to pressure.

Repeat some activities daily such as stretching exercises, strapping or taping to rest stressed tendons and muscles, wearing a splint to sleep, and going for physical therapy now and then.

Consider At-Home Remedies

Home remedies have contrastingly fewer to no side effects at all and are much easier to fit into your everyday routine.

To get rid of Heel Spurs at home, here is what you can use:

• Apple cider vinegar-It is one of the effective remedies that help reduce pain and swelling caused by heel spurs. Simply soak a clean towel in apple cider vinegar and wrap it around the distressed area. Repeat daily until you find relief.

• Cold compress- Take ice cubes and tie them in a clean cloth. Press the cold compress on the affected area for some time. This will help get rid of the pain and relief inflammation temporarily.

• Flaxseed or linseed oil-Take a clean cloth, wet it with Flaxseed or linseed oil, then press it on the heel spur. Leave it on the area until the next morning to maximize the benefits.

• Use baking soda paste to soothe the affected area

Wear Orthotics Inserts  

Our specialist can recommend you orthotic inserts to put in your shoes in the shape and size that you need. These inserts can be swapped between multiple shoes and are a good investment for your health, even for people who don’t have a heel spur.

Rest, Rest, Rest

It’s essential that you give the aching foot a break. Get as much rest as you can and limit physical activities, so your legs can have time to recover. Some activities exert a lot of pressure on your feet, often leading to heel pain. Switch to a variety of activities from time to time to allow your heel to heal.

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