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About FeetCare

We started with a mission to provide comfortable and affordable products to people to help relieve their foot pains and provide more comfort. Over the years, we have demonstrated that it can be done, and have our happy customers to speak for our results. 

We are looking for partners who share our vision, and work together to bring foot pain relief and comfort to more people.

More than 30,000 happy and regular customers use our products

2500+ reviews for our products and services on Google, Facebook, Lazada and Shopee.

Trusted by medical professionals from public hospitals and private clinics who refer patients to us.

Why Work with Us?

Higher Revenues. Zero Risk.

As a healthcare provider, you get to enjoy wholesale prices that have significant mark-up to retail margins ranging from 80 - 120%. We also provide exchanges or buy-backs of inventory at cost price for any stocks that are unable to sell.

Proven with Reviews

All our products have real customer reviews testifying of their quality and usefulness. You can be assured of their safety and effectiveness for your patients too.

Get Referrals from Us.

We have a list of healthcare partners that we provide to our customers, for professional health-care services which are beyond our scope of work. When you partner with us, we will also include your business in this list to be distributed to our customer base.

Reliable and Dependable.

As a supplier, we understand that reliability is key. And you may have limited space in your practice to keep stock. We have long-term working relationships with our existing healthcare partners, whom we supply any amounts they require when they need it.

Healthcare-Ready Starter Kits

Foot Pain Starter Kit

For flat foot and heel pain conditions
S$ 880
Price before GST
  • Custom-made Insoles (10 pairs)

    Wholesale Price: $79.00

    Retail Price: Clinician-Fixed
  • Compression Toe Socks (3 sizes x 5 pairs)

    Wholesale Price: $6.00

    Retail Price: $12.05

Bunion Starter Kit

For mild and moderate bunion conditions
S$ 640
Price before GST
  • Ultrathin Bunion Correctors (4 sizes x 6 pcs)

    Wholesale Price: $22.50

    Retail Price: $42.05
  • Toe Sleeve with Toe Separator (1 size x 10 pcs)

    Wholesale Price: $5.00

    Retail Price: $11.21
  • Gel 5 Toe Spreader (1 size x 10 pcs)

    Wholesale Price: $5.00

    Retail Price: $11.21

Ala-Carte Order

For any other products of interest
S$ 0
Price to be confirmed
  • Foot Creams
  • Ready-made Insoles
  • Socks
  • Others

Sample Product Reviews

Our Valued Partners

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