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How Do You Know You Have Bunions?

Have you ever seen a bump at your big toe and wondered is that normal?

How do you know you have bunions?

Could it be gout, or arthritis or something else?

We have made a simple checklist of the main symptoms of bunions below.

We hope that helps you find out if you or your loved ones have bunions.

  1. 1. A bump of the side of your big toe

You see an obvious bone that is hard protruding on the side of your foot.

2. Big toe turning inwards to the second toe

Your big toe is touching your second toe, and in more severe cases, it is going under the second toe.

3. Swelling and redness around the big toe joint

Due to abrasion or constant pressure from the inside of the shoe on the bunion, it tends to become inflamed and might sometimes develop blisters.

4. Corns or callus on the big toe

Hard skin or corns start to develop on the big toe as there is constant pressure from the shoes on the big toe. The thick layer of skin develops as part of our body’s protection mechanism.

5. Pain on the big toe joint


Interestingly, some people have pain on the joints, and some people are completely pain-free. The intensity of pain is also not related to the size of the bunions. Some small bunions could be extremely painful, and some very deformed ones are painless.

If you are still unsure, feel free to take a photo of your foot and show it to us via email or facebook.

In the next article, we will talk about what are the leading causes of bunions, so you know why you have it in the first place!

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