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How Do Your Feet Affect Your Spine and Cause Back Pain

Spine Pain
Spine Pain

Many people suffer from back pain. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association reports that at least 80% of individuals have experienced a backache at one point in their lives. Also, research places back pain among popular reasons why people see a doctor.

In most cases, backaches are caused by obvious reasons such as bending or injuries. However, sometimes they may result from your feet or incorrect footwear. Keep reading this article to learn more about how your feet can cause backaches.


Causes of Back Pain Related with the Feet


The images show normal foot and pronated foot

This is when one’s feet move inwards hence causing collapsed arches when they stand, walk or run. Usually, mild pronation occurs when we are running or walking. This is a necessary movement that fuels the feet and ankle action hence minimizing the impact on our bodies when we walk or run. But, when there’s over-pronation or hyper- pronation, this can cause backaches.

With hyper-pronation, this inward movement will also affect your legs causing them to turn inward, thus causing lower backaches. And when there’s over-pronation on one foot, it reduces the distance between your hips and the floor hence causing flat feet.


Collapsed arches and flat feet

Flat feet tends to have collapse arches

When walking, much force is put on your feet. Our feet then absorb that shock and properly redistribute it to create balance. However, when this doesn’t happen, one will most likely experience back pain. This is usually common in people with flat feet as their arch is flattened and closer to the surface causing feet-ankle misalignment. As such, this affects one’s hips, how they walk and their spine, hence causing lower back pain.

Also, note that bunions can also cause lower backaches. The misalignment of the big toes affect how you walk and your balance. Imbalance caused by overexerting on your hips will cause your back to feel strained after walking for some time. 


Treatment for Back Pain Caused by Feet

Insoles that support your arch

Look for shoes with insoles as they provide better support. This is essential especially if one’s back pain is as a result of feet function. Getting shoes with orthotic insoles can help provide better arch as well as support. This can, in turn, prevent hyper-pronation hence help align your back and legs correctly.

Choose a pair of good sandal

A pair of good sandals or slippers can also help treat this problem. They serve the same purpose as an insole, except that in sunny Singapore, we don’t always want to wear covered shoes. And insoles can only fit in shoes. A good pair of slippers and sandals can help you through the entire day without feeling back ache. 

Compression Socks

Wearing compression socks are used to treat feet problems such as plantar fasciitis that cause feet pain. They provide targeted pressure as well as support on the arch of one’s foot. Thus, increasing blood flow and relieving inflammation. Wearing compression socks can help keep your feet in the right position.



Well, improper alignment of your legs and ankles can potentially cause severe backaches. Fortunately, wearing the right shoes can significantly help prevent or minimize this problem. While we have already discussed how your feet can cause back pain, as well as possible treatments, feel free to contact us for further information.

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