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Foot Science Express Blue Full Length Insoles | Orthotic Insoles | Balance Insole


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Product details of Foot Science Express Blue Full Length Insoles

  • Ideal for first-time orthotics users.
  • Tapered arch support allows greater movement of the metatarsals.
  • Self-adhesive for quick and easy placement.
  • Can be adjusted to become a custom-made foot orthotic device.
  • Supplied with all the additions needed to suit your needs.
  • Available in a range of sizes.

Foot Science International design and manufactures prefabricated custom foot orthotics to help treat those suffering lower back and limb pain, prevent injuries and falls, and provide greater comfort and performance for athletes.


[ Product Details ]

Express Blue orthotics are designed to increase fit and comfort for the foot in any shoe. The moderate blue EVA foam provides a comfortable option for first-time orthotics users. The arch profile provides support for the arch, improves the alignment of the lower limbs, and increases stability and balance. The cushioned heel cup reduces the shock of heel strike, decreases the velocity of rear foot pronation, and decreases shoe wear on the outside side of the heel. Forefoot cushioning under the first metatarsal head reduces shock during propulsion and allows plantar flexion of the first ray. This facilitates the windlass mechanism which acts to stabilize the foot during propulsion. The Express Orthotics Firm Density Blue Full-Length Insoles provide professional-grade care in the form of a ready-to-use product that requires no special fitting or heat molding, while still allowing you to adjust it to become a custom-made foot orthotic device.


[ Product Features ]

— Designed for hard-to-fit shoes.

— For comfort and improved biomechanical function.

— Heel Thickness: 6mm.

— Arch Height: 17mm.

— Forefoot Thickness: 4mm.


[ Who Are the Express Orthotics For? ]

These ready-fit medical insoles were designed to support limbs or joints that don’t function correctly and are ideal for treating lower limb injuries. Moreover, these insoles:

— Provide support thanks to their arch profile.

— Improve alignment of the lower limbs.

— Increase stability and balance.

— Reduce the shock of heel strike thanks to the cushioned heel cup.

— Decrease the velocity of rear foot pronation.

— Decrease shoe wear on the outside heel.

— Reduce shock during propulsion due to forefoot cushioning.


[ What’s Different About Express Orthotics? ]

Invented and designed in New Zealand by Foot Science International, Express Orthotics is one of the best insoles for supporting a limb or joint that is injured or doesn’t function correctly. They feature tapered arch support, which allows greater movement of the first metatarsal joint, and minimize the chances of experiencing pain and discomfort when wearing orthoses.


[ How Easy to Use Are These Insoles? ]

Express Orthotics is for individuals who would like a performed and ready-to-use orthotic solution. This is why they are designed to be used straight from the box, with no heat molding required. They will conform to the shape of the foot by body weight and body heat alone.


[ What Is the Difference Between 3/4 Length and Full-Length Insoles? ]

The Express Firm Density Blue Insoles are available in 3/4 length and full length. The 3/4 length provides greater versatility and is ideal for narrow or pointed shoes, while full-length insoles provide standard support and can be worn in most casual and sports shoes.

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