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Pro-Tec Toe Caps (4pc) | Protect from blisters, rubbing, irritation, toenail loss | Ready Stock in Singapore

•  Protects toes from blisters, rubbing, irritation and toenail loss

•  Serves as cushion, preventing toe from having direct contact with inside of shoe

•  Absorbs stress to toe area

•  Reusable, simply wash in between uses.

•  Fits any size toe! (can cut to fit smaller size toe)

•  Note: Sold in packs of 4, one size fits all.

Out of stock


Out of stock

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Product Detail:

The Pro-Tec Toe Caps is a gel product that protects the toes by preventing them from having direct contact with the shoe or other toes, absorbing stress to the area.

•  Made from custom grade gel, stretches to fit any toe and stay in place

•  Soft and stretchable to offer comfort, but also durable enough to offer protection during various activity.

Suitable for people suffering from abrasion issues or injuries on their toes such as blisters, irritation, or toenail loss.

Wear onto affected toe for use. Comfortable for long periods of usage. Remove if feeling discomfort.

Note: Sold in packs of 4, one size fits all.


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