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Customer Story 10

I brought my 2 of kids down in August for a free assessment and each kid has their own feet anomaly – having not high enough of an arch (no flat feet per say) and not walking with heels down. The good news is that all this can be easily solved using an orthotic foot insole and you should see improvement after 6 month when you revisit for free reassessment scan. Jay J is very knowledgeable in explaining the scan results to me.

With this new knowledge, I decided that I should bring my other 2 kids to have an assessment as well.

Not only did I get an proper orthotics insoles for my kid, daddy A also bought a pair of running shoes with the orthotics insoles as well. He actually tried wearing 2 different insoles on each foot and he could feel the support given by the orthotics insoles instanteously as he require less effort. This is due to a more defined curve on the orthotics insoles as compared to the regular insoles.

We will be coming back in 6 months to see if the orthotics insoles helps to improve their standing and walking.

– Jamie