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What shoes are good for bunions?

Both men and women contract bunions

Bunions are painful sores that attack the base or the first joint of your big toe. They can be caused by a variety of sources including genetics, wearing tight or narrow shoes and even arthritis.

The good news is that there are a lot of good shoes on the market that helps prevent bunions or make them less painful. The key is to have a wide toe box, made with soft, flexible construction materials.

What follows is a short list of great bunion shoes that still give good arch support

Good bunion shoes for men and women

#1. Orthofeet Orthopedic Comfortable Diabetic Men’s Dress Shoes


Made from soft, flexible leather, your feet should find their home in these comfortable shoes. Not only do they provide a wide toe box, they also provide anatomical arch support.

This lightweight shoe uses the ortho-cushion design system to make sure each step is basically pain-free. An added bonus, both the men’s and women’s versions come with adjustable closures. This allows you to stay in control of how tight the fit will be.

Lastly, the removable inner sole provides you with even more room when you need it. Their wide fit and seamless construction relieves bunion pain and removes irritation and chafing.

These are good bunion shoes that are made with your sore feet in mind.

#2. Vionic Walker Shoes


These comfortable walking shoes are designed to keep your feet breathing. Making sure your toes get enough air is important in your fight against bunions. Their leather uppers are flexible and should flex with your toes as you walk. Then the arch support is second to none.

Plus, the removable EVA footbed comes with a 1/2 inch elevation to make sure your toes remain comfortable every time you take a step. To make sure that these walking shoes remain a good bunion shoe they come with a rubber tread that gives your feet plenty of traction.

Its active motion system technology combines with its orthotic design to make sure your feet remain comfortable, well supported and protect your feet from bunion pain. There is a men’s version as well.

#3. Drew Shoe Men’s Warren Sandals


What makes this sandal a great bunion shoe is its ability to hide those nasty sores and provide your toes with plenty of air and space to move. There is no hard shoe construction material hindering your toe movement, only soft flexible leather to make sure your feet remain comfortable.

Also, the Velcro strap closures leave you in control of how tight these sandals will be on your feet. If you are suffering from bunions you can loosen them up and free your toes from the pain caused by bunions.

On top of those features, you have a solid rubber tread. Toe movement will be kept to a minimum as you get great traction without a lot of slips. Both the men’s and women’s sandals come with removable inner soles for greater comfort.

#4. KEEN Women’s Voyageur Hiking Shoe


If you have a hiker in the family that suffers from bunions, then you may want to consider purchasing these shoes. Their wide toe box combines with the EVA insole to give your hiker’s feet the comfort and relief they seek.

In addition to that design, these shoes are also made with a mesh underlay that helps keep bunions from becoming inflamed. Plus, the waterproof construction protects your feet and toes from any spills, puddles, rain or creeks your hiker has to endure.

A reinforced toe also provides protection from accidental impacts as you walk, climb or hike.

Why are these good bunion shoes

Each of these shoes come with a wide toe box. This extra space can spare you from contracting bunions or removes the pain you feel. Another reason is that they are made extra comfortable with a lot of flexibility to protect your feet.

Also, these shoes provide excellent arch support and narrower heels to keep your feet from sliding and aggravating your bunions. With all of these factors, you know you have a good bunion shoe.

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