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Why does the bottom of my feet hurt?

Do you feel a certain discomfort while walking running or just trying to make any movement on the arch of your foot or the heel? Other times it’s so uncomfortable that you feel as if you are stepping on a hard object in your shoes. Then this might be the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

Plantar fasciitis is the soreness of the thick band of tissue that starts from the heel to each toe. It brings the pain on the foot, and sometimes movement becomes a problem. The day to day pressure exerted on the feet causes plantar fascia ligaments to tear hence causing strain on the heel. Being one of the most prevalent problems that affect the feet makes it vital for you to try and understand it extensively.


Problems caused by plantar fasciitis:

  1. Plantar fasciitis is A gradual pain in the heel and the mid-section of the foot that gets worse with time if not treated.
  1. Knee pain as a result of poor posture that affects the walking pattern
  1. Severe back pains due to the nerves on the back that connect to the feet


What causes plantar fasciitis:

  • Weight; a rapid weight gain will exert pressure on your ligaments hence expose you to the risk of suffering plantar fasciitis.
  • Old age, with age, tissue repair slows down, unlike when you are young, this poses a higher risk of suffering from the disease.
  • Pregnancy- plantar fasciitis is higher in women especially during pregnancy since the weight of the baby puts pressure on the foot
  • Vigorous training and movement; this may be the case with long-distance runners who have to be in motion for longer; also, people who are always busy on their feet and have to move from one place to another may be at risk.
  • Lower back; your lower back nerves control the leg muscles. If pinched, signals will be sent to the tissue resulting in tightening up of the muscle hence causing plantar fasciitis.
  • Hyper- pronation; this is the structural appearance of the foot (flat feet)


What is the Treatment:

In every diagnosis, there’s some treatment. Both medical and remedies approach believed to ease the pain.

  1. Rest; too much pressure on the feet is one of the main reasons you might suffer from plantar fasciitis, resting will give you much relief and also indulge in less straining activities to reduce on pressure intensity.
  1. Manage your weight so as not to expose yourself to obesity, which is one of the causes of this problem.
  1. Feet Care specialist; make an appointment with one who might recommend insoles to help in proper distribution of pressure to your foot.
  1. Therapy; get a therapist who will help you with exercising by stretching the plantar fascia to strengthen your lower leg muscles. Shockwave therapy sometimes is recommended in chronic cases where shockwaves are directed to the area to enable healing.
  1. Surgery-if the pain persists, surgery should be your last option since if other treatments are not working.



It’s evident that this condition comes as a result of straining the foot, causing the muscles to tear and wear, you should take proper care of yourself generally. Buy shoes that will not only massage your feet but will be comfortable and have excellent arch support. Also engage in simple home exercises and eat healthily.

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