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Why Singaporeans Are More At Risk From Flat Foot

Flat foot is a condition where generally the feet of a person are not strong enough to handle the body weight. One of the main sources of this weakness comes from the bones which may be fused together. There is also another version of this problem where the bones of the feet are spread apart. In each case the Arches of the feet are normally lower than usual. The problem differs in severity and type. Some of the factors that come in include hereditary conditions, age and medical history. When dealing with young ones, there is no way you can tell they have the condition. This is because their Arches are developing and their bones are still growing. In Singapore, around 20% of the population has this condition. But generally, the estimates around the globe stand at 10 to 20% of any given population.

Why Singaporeans stand a higher risk

One thing about a bigger percentage of Singaporeans is that they like flip flops. These are a recipe for flat foot condition. Specialists warn that flip flops are too flat to support the feet for long distances. In fact, what you find is that after moving for a long distance, you will also get fatigued. In some cases, the flip flops are too thin to protect the feet and help support the body structure well. In simple terms, the arch is not well supported when putting on the flip flops.

The other factor that flat foot thrives on is being overweight. Unfortunately, many Singaporeans struggle with the condition of being obese or overweight. For this reason, flat feet thrive and any minor weaknesses in the bones distort the arches of their feet. But this is a condition that many try to manage with a variety of options as we shall soon see.

With another percentage of Singaporeans, this comes as a hereditary condition. They have genetic factors over which they have little control. Some of them have a family history which is associated with the problem. That is why, it is now becoming common for them to look for solutions to help them cope.

The other factor that puts Singaporeans at high risk of flat foot is seen in the lifestyle. Most of them lead sedentary lifestyles where they can be in one position for a long time. Such people also get this condition because of being in the footwear for too long. But there is no cause for alarm because the condition of flat foot in Singapore can be managed.

Feet care and solutions to manage Flat foot

There are several solutions that are effective against flat foot. The reliable solution has been the use of insoles. These are products that have been tried and tested for the condition over a long period. There are also insoles which are good for treating and managing the condition. When applied in time and according to the directions, they strengthen the foot. In the end, the foot is restored to a capacity where it can handle the heavy body structure without problems. There are also many who might have gone through injuries incurred on the feet due to the same condition.

There is no need to forget about the value of consistent foot care routines. This involves looking at conditions that make your feet more secure and comfortable. Experts recommend regular exercise that aims at strengthening your feet. This can also work along with the insoles and foot care products. This makes the treatment even more effective as you continue with many other remedies. Orthotics will come handy as you soldier on with the aspect of caring for your feet. Take good care of your feet and make sure you select the right foot gear to avoid the condition in future.

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