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10 Common Foot Problems of People Over 40- Part 1

Most of the foot problems start to affect people over 40 years, although they might occur in younger people. Besides, our feet are subjected to various problems as they support our bodies when walking, running, sitting, and climbing. As you reach the age of 40 years, you will start to experience symptoms such as inflammation, pain, and injuries in your feet. 


It is estimated that in a group of four, one person has foot problems. Some foot problems are not severe and can be treated or managed. Others can be quite severe and impair the mobility and balance of an individual. However, it is important to have your foot problems treated early to avoid serious complications. Here are 10 common foot problems of people above 40 years. 



Bunions are the most common feet abnormality that causes bumps to develop on the toe joints. They are mostly caused by increased pressure on the legs and tight shoes. Other causes are hereditary factors and rheumatoid arthritis. The signs of bunions include pain in the toes, corns on the big toe, inflammation of the skin around the affected area. To treat bunions, make sure that you wear the right shoe size. Other than that, you can use bunion pads that will make it heal faster. Natural remedies include applying ice to the affected areas.


Athlete’s foot

The feet problem is caused by a fungus infection. Athlete’s foot most affects the areas between your toes where there is a warm and moist environment for the fungus to thrive. They can also develop on the bottom of your feet. The symptoms are inflammation and a white scaly rash that causes the skin to peel. You will also experience a burning and itching sensation. 



Blisters are very common and will affect at least everyone in their lifetime. Blisters are mostly caused by wearing shoes that do not fit well. Moreover, other causes include injuries and friction on the feet. If you have a blister, you will have problems walking and wearing closed shoes. To get rid of blisters, you should open it and drain it completely. Then clean the area and cover.




Arthritis mostly affects people of middle age. It affects the joints, and in this case, the ankle and toe joints are affected. Most importantly, the affected areas become very painful, and it can be difficult to walk without assistance. Arthritis has several stages, and with time, it can damage your feet. The condition is managed through medications, avoid eating some foods and other lifestyle habits.




Corns are painless, circles that are caused by thickened skin. Nevertheless, they affect the toes and the bottom of your foot. They can cause discomfort when walking or running. To treat corns, you should wear fitting shoes, use cushioning for your toes, and prevent friction on your feet. If the corn persists, it can be removed professionally through surgery. 

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