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Bunion in Singapore

Hallux valgus, commonly called Bunions, is a natural deformity that hurts a lot. It causes swelling of the first joint of the big toe. Thus, it results in severe pain and discomfort. Individuals with bunions feel difficulty in wearing shoes, walking, working, or playing.

Although it is a genetic issue and can only be fixed by foot surgery, bunion correctors can help treat the significant symptoms of bunions. 

What is a Bunion Corrector?

Bunion Corrector is a medical gadget designed to separate or align your toes in a unique way that eases the pain. It is recommended for individuals suffering from the bunion. This corrector prevents your toes from getting overlapped. Hence, it eventually reduces the torment.

Using a bunion corrector is an affordable solution. It comes in different forms like silicone sleeves, pads, splints, or toe separators. But it is important to note that bunion correctors are not meant to cure bunions. However, they somehow fix your toe shape, reducing the complications. 

How does Bunion Corrector Works?

Bunion correctors wrap around your foot in different forms. It works on the principle of keeping your big toe away from other toes. It additionally prevents rubbing either your toe or bunion against the shoes. This way, it helps minimize the friction and relieves the pressure.

Some correctors also cushion your toes to make them feel better. Consequently, they also contribute to protecting the bunion and alleviating the symptoms. 

Plantar Fasciitis in Singapore

Plantar Fasciitis is a musculoskeletal disorder caused by the over-usage or inflammation of the thick plantar fascia muscles. It produces chronic heel pain along with swelling, limping, and other symptoms.

According to various researches, this foot condition is quite common in individuals living in Singapore. It is either due to their hyper-mobility and or because of their poor footwear. For example, they wear flip-flops all around the year that damage their feet’ shape, leading towards plantar fasciitis and other foot issues.

Moreover, researches have shown that plantar fasciitis is more common in females as compared to men. People with the following reasons are more prone to develop it: 

  • Age ranging from 40 to 70
  • Foot problems like flat feet, high arch, bunions
  • Obesity issues

Even though Plantar Fasciitis has become quite common, numerous treatments exist to address it in Singapore. They may include shockwave therapy, foot exercises, taping, orthotics, or surgery in extreme cases. 

Foot Problems in Singapore

Different foot problems extend day by day for various reasons like walking on uneven surfaces, wearing fashionable footwear, and lacking feet care. However, they eventually result in causing you foot pain and discomfort.

In Singapore, the common existing foot problems are collapsed arches, osteoarthritis, plantar fasciitis, and hallux valgus. But the great news is that all these ailments are treatable in one way or another.

If you or your adored one is experiencing any foot problem, FeetCare is there to aid you.

How does FeetCare provide a solution to foot problems?

FeetCare has an experience of more than seven years in providing podiatry services. It has successfully treated around 15,000 patients suffering from different foot issues.

FeetCare aims to provide you with the right solution, treating all the foot problems, whether bunion or heel pain. In addition, it promises highly professional assistance in relieving your pain and making you feel better again.

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