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Guide to Getting Custom Insoles in Singapore 2023

Guide to Getting Custom Insoles in Singapore 2022

When it comes to preventing or treating foot pain caused by a lack of support, Custom Orthotics Insoles, or simply Custom Insoles are one of the best solutions available in Singapore today. 

If you’re suffering from foot pain, you may be interested in getting custom orthotic insoles. Let us help you learn more about the benefits of getting a pair of custom orthotic insoles for your feet, as well as how to go about getting them.

3D scanning and printing of Custom Insole in Singapore

Why get Custom Orthotic Insoles?

Custom Orthotics Insoles are an excellent way to help prevent and treat many foot problems

Most people with foot problems do not realise that they have an issue until it has become very severe. This is because most people simply ignore the signs of pain until it becomes unbearable.

Custom Insoles work by providing extra support where it’s needed most: in your arch area and along the sides of your feet. They allow you to move around more freely without worrying about injuring yourself further down the line, and help you to stay active even if your feet hurt.

What are the differences between Custom-Made Insoles and Ready-Made Insoles?

Image of FeetCare’s Custom Insole in Singapore

Custom Insoles

Custom-made Insoles are the most effective type of insoles because they are designed according to your unique foot structure.

They are made by taking measurements of your feet (i.e. shape, size, length, width and arch height), measuring your pressure distribution, and taking into account factors such as age, weight, lifestyle and activity level. 

Using the latest technology to scan your feet, a 3D model is created. This 3D model is then used to design an insole that provides maximum support for your specific foot type.

Custom-made Insoles are generally made of flexible TPU polymer materials, which are skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and mildew-proof. 

As they are designed from the impression of your feet, custom-made Insoles are made to be worn inside your shoes/sandals and can provide maximum relief from pain and discomfort caused by foot conditions such as flat feet, fallen arches etc. 

They also provide support to your ankles, knees and hips.

Image of ready-made/off-the-counter insoles

Ready-made Insoles

Ready-made Insoles are made from standardised moulds and mass-produced for each individual size. They are designed to fit more feet than just one specific person’s needs. They come in different shapes and sizes and are effective for general purposes since they are not customised for each individual person’s needs like the custom-made ones do. 

Ready-made Insoles are also less expensive than their customised counterparts because they do not require any special training or equipment to make them. 

Although these may work well for some people, they might not be as effective as custom ones when it comes to providing relief from pain in your feet and legs.

FeetCare Custom InsolesReady-made Insoles
✔️ Designed according to your unique foot structure
✔️ Made with generic sizes
✔️ Contour to the structure of your feet✔️ Selected to match your feet structure
✔️Precise and accurate✔️ Limited level of specificity towards your needs
✔️ Latest technology to scan your feet and create a 3D model to print ✔️ Less expensive
✔️ Made of flexible TPU polymer materials, which is skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and mildew-proof.✔️ Do not require any special training or equipment to make
✔️Prescribed specifically to cushion and provide corrective support✔️ May not be as effective as Custom Insoles
✔️ Provide maximum relief from pain and discomfort caused by foot conditions such as flat feet, fallen arches etc. 

Who can use Custom-Made Insoles?

Custom orthotic insoles are often recommended for people with flat feet, and high arches, as well as those who have leg length discrepancy, or any other foot problem that requires extra support.

But custom orthotics are suitable for anyone with foot pain or discomfort caused by their shoes.

Custom Insoles are suitable for joggers and everyday use as they provide better support and comfort and fits snugly in your shoes

While they can be particularly beneficial for people who suffer from foot conditions, or other foot-related injuries, they are also suitable for joggers, athletes, or anyone who wants to exercise comfortably in their shoes. 

Cost of buying Custom Insoles in Singapore and Where to buy them

In Singapore, the cost of custom orthotics starts from S$300 to S$400 per pair. This could cost S$600 per pair depending on where you go or what your feet need.

At FeetCare, we are happy to offer Custom Insoles at S$288 per pair, including a feet scan, fitting and consultation from our FeetCare Specialist.

Visit our shop to get a pair of insoles fitted for you, or book your free appointment with us.

We provide fitting of comfortable footwear and foot care products to relieve foot pain and resolve foot problems such as bunions, flat feet, and we also provide custom insole solutions to help with your foot condition

FAQ on getting Custom Insoles in Singapore at FeetCare

What material are the Custom-Made Insoles made of?
Flexible TPU polymer material. It is skin-friendly, anti-bacterial, and mildew-proof.

How much is a pair of Custom-Made Insoles?
Our consultation is free! You only have to pay for your Custom-Made Insoles – S$288 a pair.

Is there a warranty for my Custom-Made Insoles?
We provide a One-to-One Replacement Warranty – so do not worry! We will follow up with you to make sure you are comfortable with your new pair of insoles.

Are Custom Insoles suitable for children?
Yes, we can customise any size that adapts to your child as they grow.

Get your custom insoles in Singapore with FeetCare today

Good footwear can make a day of walking, hiking or general outdoor activity much easier.

Yet, many people do not realise that by investing in a good pair of shoes – or by seeking out customised insoles – they can significantly improve their experience with their favourite pastime.

If you need help, please contact us via WhatsApp! Our FeetCare Specialists can help you design custom orthotic insoles for a more comfortable journey with less pain. Or if you have a general enquiry about your feet, feel free to reach out to us too! 

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