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Langer Biomechanics Longitudinal PPT Arch Pads | Arch Support | Flat insoles with flange



Product details of Langer Biomechanics Longitudinal PPT Arch Pads | Arch Support | Flat insoles with flange

  • The PPT Langer Arch Pads is the addition of an orthotic.
  • It helps to provide more longitudinal arch support to ensure stability and comfort.
  • Suitable for people with flat feet or pronated feet.
  • Remove adhesive to stick on footwear or insoles.
  • Note: Order is for a per piece only

[ About the Brand ]

Sheldon Langer, DPM, and Justin Wernick, DPM began educating their colleagues about the latest advances in lower extremity biomechanics in the late 1960s. Their goals were simple; help their colleagues achieve better patient outcomes with the new science and the products that flowed from it. From these humble beginnings emerged Langer Biomechanics in 1971 and an entire industry in the years to come.

Today, Langer Biomechanics, Inc. designs, manufactures, and distributes a broad range of medical products for the treatment of lower extremity ailments. We sell our products to qualified healthcare practitioners who are involved in the treatment of patients suffering from lower extremity ailments. Our primary market is North America, however, there are distributors in Europe, Asia, and Australia as well.

Our broad range of orthopedic products, including custom foot and ankle orthotic devices, pre-fabricated foot products, footwear, rehabilitation products, and orthopedic materials are designed to correct, protect, heal and provide comfort for the patient. The core principles established in 1971 of Education, Innovation, and Quality remain firmly intact today.


[ Product Descriptions ]

Langer’s Self Adhesive PPT Components allow for quick and easy application. For use with PPT molded insoles, PPT flat insoles, or other orthotic devices. Provides longitudinal arch support. Recommended for flat insoles with flange.


[ Product Size ] 

Size S

Width: 9cm

Heigh: 5cm

Recommend size for: Women size US 5 to UK US 7


Size M

Width: 9.5cm

Heigh: 6cm

Recommend size for: Men size US 8 to UK US 10 and above


Additional information

Size (In Use)

Medium, Small

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