5 bunion myths and what you can do about your bunion

Due to bunions forming, many people around the world suffer from pain near their big toes when they walk. Bunions are an unfortunate medical condition that can affect 23% of people aged 18 to 65, and 36% of those aged over 65. Its effects range from mild discomfort to large amounts of pain, depending on […]

Why does the bottom of my feet hurt?

Do you feel a certain discomfort while walking running or just trying to make any movement on the arch of your foot or the heel? Other times it’s so uncomfortable that you feel as if you are stepping on a hard object in your shoes. Then this might be the dreaded plantar fasciitis. Plantar fasciitis […]

How Do Your Feet Affect Your Spine and Cause Back Pain

Many people suffer from back pain. In fact, the American Chiropractic Association reports that at least 80% of individuals have experienced a backache at one point in their lives. Also, research places back pain among popular reasons why people see a doctor. In most cases, backaches are caused by obvious reasons such as bending or […]

How do I know if my bunion requires surgery?

feet of individual with a bunion on left foot

Bunions are not nice to have – they’re painful, and they give your feet a strange shape. But, what exactly is a bunion?  Well, bunions happen when the joint that connects your big toe to the rest of your foot gets bent out of place, which causes it to deform and swell up.  They don’t happen […]