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Formthotics Heel Lifts For Heel Raises (6mm/4mm) | Leg length Discrepancy | Orthopedics | Height Increase Insoles

The Heel Lift is an orthotic addition.
Suitable for people with mild leg length discrepancy and strained achilles tendon and calf muscle.



Product details of Formthotics Heel Lifts For Heel Raises (6mm/4mm) | Leg length Discrepancy | Orthopedics | Heigh Increase Insoles

  • May be attached under the heel area of Formthotics to elevate the calcareous
  • May be attached directly into the heel cup of a shoe
  • May alleviate Achilles tendon and triceps surae strain
  • Assists in balancing leg length discrepancy
  • Improves function in a forefoot equinus
  • Hard density Formthotics Formax™ foam for durability
  • Item is sold per piece.




Product Detail:

It helps to reduce strain on Achilles tendon and calf muscle. Placed under heel area in shoes to ensure that the heel is lifted. Provides temporary relief from Achilles tendon injuries

The heel raise can be used to be treat Achilles Tendinopathy. The heel raise will prevent microtrauma as the ligament is not able to stretch to its full capacity.


How to use?

Remove adhesive to stick it onto the underside of the insole or place it underneath the insole on the sole of the footwear.


Note: Item is sold per piece.

Size: 4mm S, 4mm M, 4mm L | 6mm S, 6mm M, 6mm L

Sizing Chart:









Additional information

Height (In Use)

4mm, 6mm

Size (In Use)

Large, Medium, Small

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