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OS1st Plantar Fasciitis Socks (No Show) (Unisex) | Foot Fatigue & Heel Pain | Ready Stock in Singapore

Plantar Fasciitis | Foot Fatigue | Heel Pain 

Best Sock for Heel Pain Recovery! (1 Pair) 

Are you feeling a sharp, stabbing heel pain when you get out of the bed in the morning? Or when you stand up after sitting for a long period of time? If yes, you are suffering from PLANTAR FASCIITIS, and these socks will help to relieve all your feet discomfort.

How do these socks work?

– Medical Grade Support: Relax your tight ligaments

– Patented FS6 Technology: Precise targeted compression levels

– Y-Gore heel for anatomical shape: Relief pain from muscle stiffness and soreness

– Prevent injuries and increase blood circulation


When should I wear it?

– Wear it when you get out of bed

– Wear it while you’re doing exercises, such as running or hiking

– Wear it to work if you are standing or walking a lot

– Enables wear up to 8 hrs a day




Product Description:

OS1st socks are designed to offer strategically placed, medical grade support, along with unique features to provide relief and to help prevent recurring symptoms of plantar fasciitis and everyday foot and leg pain. Wearing these socks during runs or sports activity will aid in preventing plantar fasciitis symptom onset and act as an overall foot health and performance aid.


Testimonials From Our Clients

” Best socks for people with sore feet. Have used for years. So worth every penny. Have recommended to many and they all love them” – Lynn

” Not too tightly compressed. Very comfortable and keeps my feet dry after long hikes and exercises. I also like the brilliant blue color of my socks. Would highly recommend them. :-)” – Mr Ng


Sizing Guide / Variations

Black / White

Male : 

Small –  3 – 5.5 (UK) / 33 – 36 (EU)

Medium – 6 -9.5 (UK) /  37 – 41 (EU)

Large – 10 – 13 (UK)  / 42 – 49 (EU)

Women :
Small –  4- 6.5 (UK) / 33 – 36 (EU)

Medium – 7 – 10.5 (UK) / 37 – 41 (EU)

Large – 10 – 13 (UK) / 42 – 49 (EU)


Additional information


Black, Grey, White


S, M, L

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