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OS1st Bunion Relief Socks | Bunion Corrector | Bunion Socks | Ready Stock in Singapore

What’s included in the product?

  • 1 pair x OS1st Bunion Relief Socks

Product Features

  • Suitable for people with bunions.
  • A non surgical solution for realigning the big toe.
  • Only 1 mm thick and can be easily worn with any shoe.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear without adding any bulky splints.
  • Podiatrist-recommended product.
  • Put it on like a pair of socks, positioning your big toe into the pocket.
  • By positioning the big toe into the pocket, the big toe is gently pulled away from the other toes, improving balance and restoring a more natural alignment.
  • The material also helps to reduce the amount of abrasion commonly faced by people with bunion.
  • It’s made from top-quality clinic materials.

Recommended Usage Instructions

  1. Wear bunion relief socks in the day when going out or at home. Put it on like a pair of sock, positioning your big toe into the pocket. Suggested wear time is 2-6 hours per day initially, working up to a full days’ wear. After 2-3 days, if you feel no discomfort, continue wearing up to 8 hours a day. It’s normal to feel some numbness during the first few days of wear. Don’t force yourself to wear it when you feel discomfort.

Product Care Instructions

  • Wash daily after use for hygiene purposes. Wash with light soap and water.
  • Do not put under direct sunlight.

Size Chart

  • S: Size 38 and below
  • M: Size 38 – 42
  • L: Size 43 and above

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Delivery time

Domestic shipping – 3-5 business days, dispatched from Singapore

International shipping – 7-10 business days, dispatched from Singapore

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